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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Charter Revision


Bernard Vatant wrote:
> Folks
> In the process to refurbish the TC web according to our latest decisions, I think it's
> time to do something about the Charter as posted on TC Home Page.
> I suppose you did not read it through lately, but it seems obsolete in many ways. Don't
> forget it was written quite in a rush in a Montréal lobby a year ago, and looks now more
> like an initial brainstorming result than a reliable roadmap.
> What we should do about it IMO
> -- Be more explicit and focused on our technical objectives.
> Even if some points are still unclear, I think we've improved enough to be more specific.
> -- Get rid of some early hype, e.g. "Mediation Between Different Community Ontologies" and
> the like.
> -- Make the deliverable structure and agenda consistent with their real current status.

As we should focus our very limited resources to really productive work
(and I dont see and productive issue in re-phrasing the charter) I
would recommend only to update the deliverable section in the charter
and keep the rest as it is - even if it is not perfect. But be honest - 
who cares.


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