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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Charter Revision


> As we should focus our very limited resources to really productive work
> (and I dont see and productive issue in re-phrasing the charter) I
> would recommend only to update the deliverable section in the charter
> and keep the rest as it is - even if it is not perfect. But be honest -
> who cares.

I care and I strongly disagree that nobody cares apart of me. The Charter should show
people discovering the TC what its activity is about, and in a way both explicit and
conformant to actual TC work. Our current Charter is far for meeting those requirements.
Some outsider reading our Charter and then going to the inner TC pages right now could be
very confused and think we are making inconsistent work.

It's not only a formal thing. We are working on an arcane subject, we have to make it as
clear as possible on every public interface we have, and this interface is the more public
we can get.

And rewriting the Charter to be conformant is not that much work, I can't consider it a
waste of time and energy.


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