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Subject: [tm-pubsubj] XTM 1.0 republication through PubSubj TC?

It had been in the air, since Montréal meeting, that the XTM 1.0 
specification, formerly edited under TopicMaps.Org authority, be 
republished under OASIS official stamp, since TopicMaps.Org was 
sort of "dissolving" into OASIS. 

This republication has to go through an official TC proposal, and 
PubSubj TC being the only one operational so far, Karl Best and 
Steve Pepper suggested it could be done through it. My first 
opinion was that it was a bit out of our TC Charter and scope.

My second thoughts, brought about by pertinent arguments of 
Steve and Karl, is that we could add that to the Charter, since 
some first and founding PSIs are in this spec, and we will have to 
use and trust them anyway. Moreover, bringing the spec under 
OASIS stamp in may be a founding example of correct Published 
Subject process ...

Hence I propose to put that on our next meeting agenda, in the 
section 3. (Review of TC Charter)


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