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Subject: [tm-pubsubj] October 30 minutes, TC liaisons

The October 30 co-call minutes are on-line, thanks to our efficient secretary Suellen :)

Please have a look at it and feel free to send me any comments or amendments.

I was a little nervous to organize that first co-call meeting, and was glad it turned out 
quite all right ... for people able to attend at least. Some personal comments. 

1. We thought during the meeting that absence of four TC members could be due to 
bad connection conditions, to be put on France-Telecom deficient services. I'm sort of 
happy to announce - for sake of French technical quality trademark - that it was simply 
not true :)
Murray and Steve had last minute obligations, but OTOH Francis and Peter had not 
received the co-call coordinates, which means we were not rigourous enough in the 
mail-list check process. And Ted seems to have recurrent problems with his 
subscription to OASIS listserve, due to mysterious (at least for me) technical issues.
That's why I cc the message to Francis, Peter and Ted, that should receive this 
message twice. If not, they should check again their subscription.
To avoid such incidents for future meetings, please make sure you have received the 
co-call coordinates a few days before meetings, and if not, contact me. 
In any case, stay tuned to the PubSubj TC page.

2. I've updated the TC members list and presentation page at:

People from FAO (Frehiwot and Stephen) I've kept on the list of prospective members, 
given their early interest in the process, even if they seem to be somehow stuck in 
administrative process inside FAO, and are not formally eligible right now, since their 
OASIS membership is still pending. 

3. I hope to be able to deliver the draft document for TC requirements somewhere in 
the middle of next week.

I remind everyone to think particularly about liaisons with other OASIS TCs and 
working groups. It will be one main point on next meeting agenda, and Karl Best is 
working now on a TCs "mapping" - which I hope will eventually be delivered as a Topic 
Map - and is asking every TC to send him ASAP the configuration of its liaisons. 
Look around you towards every standard horizon. I'm prospecting myself in the 
direction of Dublin Core, since I'm thinking more and more that dc elements should be 
included in PSI standard content.
I think we should consider also liaison with W3C Semantic Web Activity, and 
singularly the new WebOnt working group. See http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/WebOnt

Thanks for your attention.


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