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Subject: [tm-pubsubj] attendance in TC meetings


There are presently 11 registered members in this TC. 
I regret to point out that the attendance to the first two co-call 
meetings has been dangerously low, respectively :

October 30:	6 people
November 20:	4 people

Of course, I suppose every absent had pretty good reasons not to 
attend. For the first meeting, we had technical problems with the 
mailing list, but that accounted for only 3 people's absence.

For yesterday's meeting, 4 were excused before or during the co-
call, but 3 have given no explanation so far. I remind everybody that 
co-call date and time have been posted on the TC web page for 
over a month, and co-call phone number posted over a week ago to 
the list, and permanently visible in the list archives.

May I insist that regular members attendance is a requirement for 
TC good work, and that TC membership carries an engagement 
that includes acceptance of TC charter and rules, among which the 
following, general to all OASIS TCs and available from:


"A member shall be warned by mail from the chair of the TC upon 
their first failure to attend two out of every three successive 
meetings of the TC. Membership shall be terminated if the member 
fails to attend the next meeting following transmittal of the warning 
or if the member consistently fails to attend two out of every three 

Some "new to the community" individual members have joined 
OASIS to be able to participate in the TC, and have started 
investing time, energy and money in this process, based on the 
credibility of OASIS framework, of TC charter, of its founders, and I 
would say on the credibility of the whole Topic Maps community 
and process. 
It's also on the basis of this credibility that OASIS has validated the 
creation of this TC, the only one to have existence so far in the 
frame of to-be Topic Maps Member Section. 

All those considerations allow me to insist on the importance of a 
trustable engagement from every TC member to efficient 
participation, including bringing propositions, feedback on proposed 
documents, and regular meeting attendance. 

Thanks for your attention 


PS: I will address on separate threads  two important issues 
discussed in yesterday's meeting, namely:
1. Subject Indicator vs Subject Descriptor
2. Targeted audience and realistic use of Published Subjects

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