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Subject: RE: [tosca-comment] Mistakes in TOSCA's YAML Version 1.0 document

Dear Mr. Nemani,


Since you have subsequently joined the TOSCA TC. I would ask that you create a new JIRA issue detailing the below, and the TC will consider it as part of normal operations. Please contact the co-chairs to schedule a very brief introduction of your newly created topic for a future TC meeting, as the TC normally hears an overview of newly created issues and also considers them before they are officially accepted as closed.



Paul Lipton



From: tosca-comment@lists.oasis-open.org [mailto:tosca-comment@lists.oasis-open.org] On Behalf Of Nikunj Nemani
Sent: Sunday, October 5, 2014 3:13 AM
To: tosca-comment@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [tosca-comment] Mistakes in TOSCA's YAML Version 1.0 document




Below are the mistakes that i see in the TOSCA's YAML Version 1.0 document. I couldn't file an issue for the same since I don't have access to Jira, could I get one ?


1. Page 43 - A.4.3.1 "This required element provides a means to include a reference to TOSCA ..." - 'to' is missing

2. Page 45 - A.3.3 template_author example  it says template_ name , it should be "template_author"

3. Page 45 - A4.3.5 - Description "This optional element provides a means to include ..."  - - 'to' is missing

4.  Page 56 - B.5.2. - tosca.interfaces.node.Lifecyle Type_URI says" tosca.relationships.node.Lifecycle",  it should be "tosca.interfaces.node.Lifecycle"

5. Page 68 - C.2.2 - definition says "tosca.nodes.Database.MySQL", it should be "tosca.nodes.DBMS.MySQL"

6. Page 70 - Appendix D.1 "Virtual Machine (VM), single instance - Description says "TOSCA simple profile ates ....", It should be "TOSCA simple profile service shows how to stand up ...."

7. Page 72 - D.1.2.1 - It says "This use case is build upon the following templates fro", I am not sure what fro means here ?

8. Page 72 - D.1.2.3 - The description says "TOSCA simple ...... a web server, mMyQL DMBS and ". It should be "TOSCA simple ..... a web servers, a mysql DMBS and mysql database"


Thanks and Regards,


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