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tosca message

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Subject: Re: Editor Procedure - Editorial non-semantic Changes & acknowledgements

Hi Paul,

the current WD is WD04 for TOSCA-4. We could stick the acknowledgements
section into this WD as well. For the list of people to put into the
section, I exported the roster from Kavi and took all Members and Voting
Members plus Chairs.
Let me know, if putting this into WD04 is ok, or if we should wait for WD04
to be finalized and then having the acknowledgements in a WD05 based on


  From:       "Lipton, Paul C" <Paul.Lipton@ca.com>                                                                              
  To:         Thomas Spatzier/Germany/IBM@IBMDE, "tosca@lists.oasis-open.org" <tosca@lists.oasis-open.org>,                      
              "'arvindsr@us.ibm.com' (arvindsr@us.ibm.com)" <arvindsr@us.ibm.com>                                                
  Date:       26.03.2012 15:12                                                                                                   
  Subject:    Editor Procedure - Editorial non-semantic Changes & acknowledgements                                               

Hi Thomas,

Just to be clear, let’s stick the acknowledgements section, fixed footer,
etc. in WD05. You’ll have to figure out if TOSCA-10 needs to be noted again
for WD05, of course. My intuition is yes, but I am not sure.

Also, Simon and I will provide a list of members and voting members for the
acknowledgements. I can’t imagine that the TC will object if the
acknowledgements section also contains up front:

“The TOSCA TC would like to thank our editors, Thomas Spatzier and Arvind
Srinivasan, for their outstanding work and commitment.”


From: tosca@lists.oasis-open.org [mailto:tosca@lists.oasis-open.org] On
Behalf Of Thomas Spatzier
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2012 4:58 AM
To: tosca@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [tosca] Groups - TOSCA-v1.0-csd01 uploaded

Submitter's message
Reviewed and updated initial CSD01 document:
- fixed TOC
- fixed footer
- added Acknowledgements section in Appendix

I uploaded a zipped package containing the document (redline version) and
-- Mr. Thomas Spatzier

|Document Name: TOSCA-v1.0-csd01                                                               |
|                                                                                              |
|No description provided.                                                                      |
|Download Latest Revision                                                                      |
|Public Download Link                                                                          |
|                                                                                              |
|Submitter: Mr. Thomas Spatzier                                                                |
|Group: OASIS Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) TC       |
|Folder: Working Documents                                                                     |
|Date submitted: 2012-03-26 01:57:33                                                           |

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