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Subject: Wednesday's CLSC teleconference 18:30Z

Hi all!

Wednesday's CLSC teleconference is at 18:30GMT, 13:30EST, 10:30PST.

Please be prepared to discuss the acceptance of Marty's latest work based 
on the F2F feedback:


I've posted a PDF of this document in the group's folders:


One of the items is to review the document in light of NDR rules; an RTF 
file was posted with the need for password access, I've put a PDF file up 
in the CLSC  site without a password:


I was tasked with doing this review but I have been remiss ... I will try 
to do it tomorrow in time for the meeting, but perhaps if someone else with 
more familiarity with the NDR rules could also look at it, that would be great.

I know we won't get final acceptance tomorrow, but it would be good if we 
got final instructions for the editor tomorrow.  If Marty can then get the 
code fragments edited per the final instructions, the document can be 
forwarded to other UBL groups for use while we finish crossing the t's and 
dotting the i's.


..................... Ken

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