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Subject: CodeList Conundra

I am trying to help normalize the code list subcommittee draft to match the evolving schemas / models. Since I can assert that the contents of these (schemas models) relative to the code list paper were source material and no invention was intentionally done by the code list committee, differences have to do with my faulty tracking of the source material.
In addition, the code list representation in XMLSchema requires that for each code list there be defined a ComplexType, a SimpleType, and Attribute, a global abtract element, and a global element. I imagine that these components would be described in the abstract in one of the more abstract UBL modules and used in specific code lists.
Please provide me with guidance as to the following:
1) What is the normative data model for code lists desired by UBL is it the "model spreadsheet" or the models in the schema drafts?
2) Where is the base class of a code list schema to appear --UBL-CoreComponentTypes-1.0-draft-7.1.xsd Code and CodeType? or in a new Code List Schema module, or, in UBL-CodeListUnspecializedDatatype-1.0-draft-7.1.xsd?
3) Where are instances of actual code lists to appear? Is this the subdirectory Stephen is aiming for?
4) Why don't core component types that use code lists as an attribute use the code list schemas e.g. Amount.currencyID?
5) Why don't the core schemas that have standardized attributes use UBL-CoreComponentParameters-1.0-draft-7.1.xsd
6) Is it intended that all code lists have the same name within their namespace? It might be helpful to have a currencyCode named currencyCode where-ever it is used and not require its namespace to decode what its for (of course you need the namespace to uniquely qualify it).
I am ready to correct the code list document accordingly and provide examples of code list schema that meet the requirements of the code list committee model as soon as I can understand what to normalize against and which schemas to edit.
Thanks for helping a newbie,

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