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Subject: Sample Currency Code List Schema -- independent of CLUDT

The attached schema replaces the one I sent early this morning. This is based on the committee calls this morning that sought to isolate the code lists themselves and to remove the dependency on the CLUDT schema (which would no longer be needed).
This schema follows the code list paper with the caveat that the precise supplementary components are not yet in complete agreement with the "spreadsheet". This is because the example was worked from the draft 7 schemas which were also not in agreement with the spreadsheet.
However, if you overlook this issue, the schema itself is a proper prototype of all the code list schemas. What is necessary is for us (clsc) and Stephen and Tim to converge on the exact names and types of the supplementary components and then the example can be updated to be consistently accurate.
Once agreement on the exact example is achieved (should only take a day or two more) then the mechanism for schema generation from the spreadsheets will be crystal clear. Then in parallel, the code list committee can make all names and descriptions match the prototype properly and the NDR group can do a similar exercise while the schemas are being generated and tested.


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