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Subject: Notes from today's concall

Regrets: Mavis, Ken, Anne and Tony
Attendees: Sue, Marty and Paul

As there was no quorum we held an informal meeting and discussed the

1/ Marty updated Paul with regards to the recent 1.0 versus 1.1 decisions

2/ Latest situation of document is that it is almost ready for publication
in the 1.0 documentation package. The remaining tasks are to add examples in
section 4.7 and 4.8. 4.9 has become superfluous and will be removed. All
later sections cannot be completed until the 1.1 work is done.

3/ Marty will contact Jon with regards to aligning to the 1.0 packaging

4/ Marty raised issue that the latest draft schemas (9.1) are still not
conformant to the agreed positions with regards to alignment with the model.
Sue proposed that this be raised via Jon and if possible for Marty to attend
at least one of the two joint coordination calls next week to present the
issue and to join the discussion of the resolution.

5/ Paul raised two issues to add to the 1.1 issues list:
	a) how to add currency icons to the currency codes
	b) schema location issue in 4.5 as detailed in his recent email


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