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Subject: [Fwd: Re: UBL amount type code list solution]

  Here is forward post from Stephen regarding the need to define a new 
specialized type for amoun type.  There seems to be some code missing 
(Stephen, can you provide the section in the middle that seems 
missing?), but the gist of the solution is in the prose, and David was 
in the meeting and said he understood what needed to be done.  If you 
have further questions, send to Stephen and one of us can repost (or 
perhaps, Ken/Mavis/Sue you could add Stephen as an observer, which I 
think gives him posting abitlity?)?


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: UBL amount type code list solution
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 21:20:46 +0100
From: "Stephen Green" <stephen_green@seventhproject.co.uk>
Organization: Seventh Project
To: <anne.hendry@sun.com>
References: <20040330185006.9312.qmail@pan.oasis-open.org> 
<000901c41687$558397e0$76661e3e@user7i6bxplv6p> <406AFD56.4070006@sun.com>


As I don't have access to post to the CLSC list, please would you mind
forwarding  to the CLSC my description of the solution for amount type,
as you requested.


The Codelist Subcomittee's Codelist Representation Paper design allows us to
the Currency Codelist Schema Module to provide XSD validation not just in
but in attributes too. In particular, validation of 'amountCurrencyID' in
the Amount Type
of the UDT can now be validated with the CurrencyCode codelist schema
However, doing so restricts the allowed values in the udt:AmountType, to a
codelist but also to a particular version (0.3) of the codelist.
Therfore it has to now be defined as a Specialised DataType,
such as sdt:UBLAmountType.

This leads to a new SDT defined in the SDT Schema Module as follows:


Note that the amountCurrencyCodeListVersionID is now fixed to '0.3', hence
the need
for a Specialised DataType. The Currency Codelist Schema Module has to be
into the SDT Schema Module. The only Schema which will use the resulting
sdt:UBLAmountType should be the Common Basic Components Schema Module since
all Amount-based BBIEs are to be defined globally, in this module.

The elements that use the Currency Code are validated as before, through the
import of the Currency Codelist Schema Module into whichever schemas declare
the cur:CurrencyCodeType.

see also


All the best


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