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Subject: Re: [ubl-clsc] Agenda for Wednesday's meeting - 2004-03-31

The meeting was convened 2004-03-31 13:30EST/10:30PST/18:30UTC.

At 2004-03-30 22:40 -0500, I wrote:
>1. Roll call and welcome by the chair

In attendance were Ken Holman, Marty Burns and Anne Hendry.

>2. Replacing Ken as one of the chairs ... who is able to replace me?

This was not resolved.  I will bring this issue to Jon's attention.

>3. Status of 1.0 submissions
>    - do Draft 10 schemas conform to expectations in the CLSC report?

The assessment is that they do except for the issue that was resolved at 
this morning's TC teleconference, so it is anticipated that Friday's 
schemas will be as expected.

Marty will review 10.1 schemas for all issues other than the 
complex-type/simple-type decision this morning and make observations by email.

Other code list subcommittee members are encouraged to help in this task!

>    - what remaining actions are there for the CLSC report completion?

Marty has time through tomorrow to make editorial changes and has 
identified how to modify the report examples to be exactly aligned with the 
actual schemas as this will serve our audience better and be more 
consistent.  After Thursday Marty is again available starting Tuesday next 
week to continue any editorial tasks.

Regarding the QA team, Marty volunteered to check the packaged results for 
the proper inclusion of the Code List report and references to it.  No 
other expectations of CLSC by the QA team were thought of.

>    - what is the plan for progressing the report to a committee 
> specification?

The decision whether the code list document is a prose item included in the 
UBL 1.0 package or an independent OASIS Technical Committee Specification 
referenced by the UBL 1.0 package was deferred to the TC for discussion 
based on this morning's TC teleconference.

Understandably, Marty has been working with the code list document as 
originally edited by Eve years ago.  He will review the latest OASIS 
specification requirements at http://www.oasis-open.org/spectools for any 
changes that might have been made or any incremental changes over the 
months that might have brought the document out of alignment.

>4. Compile list of items that need to be handled in 1.1 of UBL along with 
>time-frames for doing this.


>5. Any other business?

No other issues were raised.

The meeting ended at 14:00EST/11:00PST/19:00UTC.

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