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Subject: Examples Review

I'm starting to think about reviewing the examples now.

I think as standalone snipets they are in general fine, but I think we need 
more context. There is a reference to using I think the UR-type and then 
extending that in such a way that it requires the use of xsi:type in the 
document stream. This seems to be pointing at a particular to structure and 
manage the extensions - I would like to nail this down a little better.

First I would like to discuss the goals of this methodology and see if they 
agree with my expectations:

1) My extensions and required setup are portable and reusable from one UBL 
version to the next.

2) I'm not directly editing or modifying the UBL schema(s) so I can achieve #1.

3) I'm importing the UBL schema to achieve #2 and the result is identified 
with a new hybrid namespace

4) The methods used to extend and manage the extensions by hand are 
compatible with those of the future black-box method/tool. (Saw this in the 
spec already)

Items 1 and 2 are the important ones in my book because I want this to be 
maintainable and easily ported from one version to the next or possibly 
reused against other document types.

Forgive me but I have bought into the use of xsd:redefine and a 2 or 3 file 
method to create an adapter schema. One file is the original UBL schema, 
one file is my new element definitions (in its own namespace) and the third 
imports the two schemas making the actual restrictions and extensions. The 
current examples would fit with this model, they would just be put inside a 
redefine and the above methodology explained. I have heard that redefine is 
not appreciated here and the use of xsi:type leads me to think that I'm 
missing something as well.

Could someone agree or disagree with the approach above. If you disagree 
and have a different scenario in mind, please describe it and maybe provide 
some reasons why the above doesn't work for UBL.

Once I get help with the above, I can start looking in detail at the 
current examples.

General Questions
1) Are we allowed to define completely new documents in UBL or am I always 
enhancing the existing ones? even if I'm using an incompatible method?


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