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Subject: [ubl-comment] Registration for UBL TC meeting 2002.01.22-25

As previously announced, the next OASIS UBL TC meeting will take
place 22-25 January 2002 at Sun Microsystems in Menlo Park,
California.  Sun's Menlo Park site is located about 45 minutes
south of San Francisco International Airport (SFO), about 45
minutes north of San Jose International Airport (SJC), and about
45 minutes west of Oakland International Airport (OAK).  People
attending from outside the Bay Area should plan to stay in Palo
Alto; information on hotels is provided in an accompanying
message.  Directions to the meeting itself will be provided
separately to those who register in advance.

Persons eligible to attend UBL TC meetings include TC members,
prospective TC members (as defined in the OASIS TC process), and
members of UBL TC subcommittees.  We also currently have room for
a few observers; OASIS members are welcome to attend as observers
if they register in advance.

The preliminary agenda for this meeting is as follows:

   Tue 2002.01.22 09h30-12h30 Opening plenary and SC reports
		  14h00-17h00 Subcommittee meetings
   Wed 2002.01.23 09h30-17h00 Subcommittee meetings
   Thu 2002.01.24 09h30-17h00 Subcommittee meetings
   Fri 2002.01.25 09h30-12h30 Subcommittee wrap-ups
		  14h00-17h00 Closing plenary and SC reports

Note that our four-day meeting schedule assumes full attendance at
the closing plenary.  TC members attending from outside the Bay
Area should plan to return home on Saturday 26 January.

To register for the meeting or to request observer status, send
mail to the UBL TC chair, Jon Bosak, at this address:


TC members are urged to register as soon as possible so that we
can be sure of a quorum.

For further information about UBL, see



Jon Bosak <jon.bosak@sun.com>
Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems
Chair, OASIS UBL Technical Committee

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