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Subject: [ubl-comment] Re: TradingPartnerOrganizationInformation document


| My understanding is that UBL is going to take the documents from
| xCBL 3.0 as a starting point for the document library.

Yes, but the result is not going to resemble xCBL.  It will be a
different syntax.

| The TradingPartnerOrganizationInformation is a useful document
| type for my company - we use it to communicate vendor and customer
| organization information between applications.
| A change that would be helpful to us is the addition of the
| PaymentInstructions element that many of the other documents
| carry.  The organizations in our systems have default payment
| terms that we would like to communicate along with the rest of the
| vendor or customer information.

We need for you to put this in terms of the UBL syntax as it is
actually developing.  The UBL Library Content Subcommittee has
just released an early review version of a schema for its first
document type, the purchase order; it's in the file


You need to take a look at this and see whether the library pieces
as they've been defined so far include the UBL equivalent of the
xCBL element you're referring to, and if so, whether the LCSC has
anticipated your suggestion or whether you need to resubmit it in
terms of the terminology they're now working with.

You will be able to track our further progress through
announcements made to this list.  Please feel free to submit more
comments on this work as drafts become available.


Jon Bosak <jon.bosak@sun.com>
Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems
Chair, OASIS UBL Technical Committee

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