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Subject: RE: [ubl-comment] How to refer to a Party that is ancillary to atransaction

I have counted eleven types of Party included in the UBL Order schema -
Is it necessary to define each as a new aggregate element - would it not
be better, and ultimately less restrictive, to have a single element
Party that had a context attribute that could be enumerated from a list.

Andrew Chilcott

Tim McGrath replied to Patrick Garvey:

I suspect the answer to your problem lies in the application of context.

 you may note from the UBL Order schema that there are several parties 
which may be associated with an Order.  These are things like Buyer, 
Seller, Consignee, Invoicee, Invoicer, Despatch, Warehouse, Sales 
Location and Manufacturer..  These are contexts in which the Party is 
used.  For example, you brother would be the Consignee.

So it is not the Party->Address-Contact that you require.  It is just 
multiple Parties in different contexts

NB Obviously, this principle applies to any structure not just Order 

Hope this helps.

Patrick Garvey wrote:

>Hello. I have a question about how to use the Party type. Parties, if I
am not mistaken, are the direct participants in a business transaction.
If I want to a UBL-based XML message to order something off of
Amazon.com, then the two parties to the transaction are me and Amazon.
>What if I want to order something for my brother? Amazon and I are
still the parties in the transaction, but how do I represent my brother
in this transaction? He isn't part of the transaction, but is the
recipient of its result. And what if I wanted to designate the item I
ordered as not being from me but from me and my wife? We would then make
up a fourth participant in the transaction.
>Using an aggregate of Contact and Address does not seem sufficient,
since Contact only contains one Name and Address has no place to put a
Company name. If I wanted to send it to my brother's work address, there
would be no place to put Bob Garvey, Company X, 123 Y Street, etc.
>There seems to be a need for some component that describes an entity
between Party and Contact. Or are we perhaps missing something?
>Patrick Garvey
>Talaris Corporation
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tim mcgrath
fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142 

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