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Subject: [ubl-comment] Use of cct:CodeType

Hello. First of all, thanks to everyone for answering our other questions so quickly. We really appreciate it.

We now have a two-part question about the proper use of cct:CodeType:

 Is this type intended to be used only for code lists defined by an authority like ISO? Or can this type also be used for codes that are applicable in house, and enumerated within the schema definition?

Also, is it intended that the content of an element of cct:CodeType always be part of a Code/Value substitution scheme (USD --> United States Dollars)? Or can the Code and the Value be the same thing?

For instance, I may have an element <Plant>. I also have a <PlantTypeCode> element whose content is enumerated:

Is it ok to restrict cct:CodeType when defining the PlantTypeCodeType? Or is this a misuse of cct:CodeType, and I'm more accurate restricting cct:TextType? We like the information value-add we get by defining these types as cct:CodeType, but aren't sure if this is a valid reason if we're not relying on a standards body nor doing any code/value substitution.


Patrick Garvey
Talaris Corporation

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