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ubl-comment message

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Subject: UBL Schema question

Reposting forwarded message. This is a repost of the content only.
The following email is being sent to the comment list for discussion
per todays LC meeting.

Please reply to:    benedetta <benedetta@isolutions.it>                                            

First of all I am sorry for my bad english.

I am trying to define a dataset with the schema CoreComponentParameters.xsd but the problem is:

 DataException: Undefined data type: 'token' 

During the execution of this part of vb code

Dim objDSXML As New DataSet()



Please help me thank yuo very much

         /_____/\             Bill Meadows        
        /_____\\ \            EMI Program Manager
       /_____\ \\ /           Sun Microsystems Inc.
      /_____/ \/ / /          7788 Gateway Blvd. NWK18-206
     /_____/ /   \//\         Newark, California  94560  
     \_____\//\   / /         Phone (510) 936-4928
      \_____/ / /\ /          Email: bill.meadows@sun.COM  
       \_____/ \\ \           =====================================    
        \_____\ \\    
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information.  Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure or
distribution is prohibited.  If you are not the in
adr:;;7788 Gateway Blvd;Newark;Ca;94560;USA
title:Program Manager
fn:Bill Meadows

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