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Subject: Re: [ubl-comment] Value of Actor in Party Roles (UBL 2.0)

Hello Bryce,

Thanks for the inquiry.  However, though this is not at all
obvious from the way the link is presented, OASIS comment lists
like this one are solely for formal input in response to public
review drafts.  For questions, please subscribe to and use the
ubl-dev list, which you can access through the OASIS list manager:


There are plenty of UBL developers on that list who will be happy
to respond.

Best regards,


   Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2008 16:45:02 +0800
   From: Bryce Macdonald <bryce@itacasia.com>


   I have been reviewing the UBL 2.0 specification (great work by
   the way) and I am confused as to why the Actor for the Delivery
   Role is the Supplier Party and not the Customer Party.  Surely
   the Customer would receive the Dispatch Advice, and send the
   Receipt Advice.


   Bryce Macdonald

   Room 2410, Floor 24, Hopewell Centre
   183 Queen's Road East,
   Hong Kong
   Tel:        +852 2821 2777
   Mob:      +852 6808 0425
   Fax:       +852 2821 2778
   Email: bryce@itacasia.com

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