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Subject: Re: Test Assertions for Draft 5 of Calculation Rules

Thanks to Jacques Durand of Fujitsu it is now possible
to execute the test assertions (in two steps) against a
UBL 2 Invoice using an open source product (beta)
available as a Google Code project download called


The process requires an XSLT 2 processor (such as
saxon): first use xslt file 'genanalyzer.xsl' to transform
the test assertions file and call the output
'testanalyzer.xsl'. Then use 'testdriver.xsl' to transform
the test invoice file and generate a report with an '.xml'
extension. Then open that report file with a browser.
[The second transformation uses the initial output '.xsl'
file as an imported stylesheet. Those familiar with
Schematron will find this two step process familiar but
there are more XSLT files involved and they are mostly
XSLT 2.]

The test assertions must be written not just so that
they conform to Test Assertion Markup Language (of
the OASIS TAG TC) but also a special XPath profile
which allows them to be executed using the engine.
The test assertions for UBL 2 Invoice have been
written in this format and so can be executed as a
test suite. The latest file of test assertions for UBL
can be found here:


Best regards
Stephen D Green
Document Engineering Services

2009/10/9 Stephen Green <stephengreenubl@gmail.com>:
> I've posted test assertions which have been useful to establish the
> limits of the latest draft of caclulation rules (Draft 5) and to prove the
> prerequisites and exceptions which improve the validity of the rules
> in general (once these exceptions/prerequisites are applied).
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/34598/ubl-ta-draft-0-82l.xml
> These test assertions have had some testing and do seem to verify
> the integrity of this latest draft of rules.
> ( http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl-comment/200910/msg00012.html )
> I do therefore hope that these rules will clarify and to some extent
> maybe verify what (for me at least) were the intended calculation
> semantics of the UBL 2 Invoice.
> ---
> Stephen D Green

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