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Subject: A Subset for UBL 2.1 (like UBL Small Business Subset)

Just as public review is due to start for UBL, I've
spent a few hours revisiting the subset work I did
starting with the UBL Small Business Subset and
updating it for UBL 2.1. (Maybe it can be developed
into a 2.1 SBS.)
I have put the attached together as a possible 2.1
subset similar to the UBL Small Business Subset
but supporting the digital signatures in UBL 2.1.
I hope the mail servers let me to do this. Apologies
if they do not.
Maybe folk will find it useful, although it is not a
comprehensive, thorough work like the BII and OIO
subsets. It represents my own understanding of what
I think is a compromise between minimalism and
practicality but I cannot claim a live implementation.
Is there still any scope for making the external subset
project outputs more integral to future UBL versions?
Stephen D Green


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