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Subject: Re: [ubl-comment] Planning for final UBL 2.1 specification

Hello Mr. Sánchez,

The ubl-comment list is reserved for technical input to the OASIS
review process, so I will reply to your question in a separate message.

Best regards,

Jon Bosak

Sánchez Blázquez wrote:
> Dear members of the UBL Technical Committee,
> I work at the Spanish Ministry of Public Finance and Administration.
> We have been using the CODICE specifications, which we developed in 2007, based on UBL 2.0, and have evolved them in order to keep alignment with UBL 2.1, contributing to this new version 2.1 with the set of business documents used in tendering processes.
> I have found the last draft UBL 2.1 document published in May 2011 (Draft 2) and found a reference on the website about a third draft which will be published in the next months.
> We are very committed with the works done in UBL, and are now considering the implementation of digital signatures in these documents. Since these drafts may change according to the comments received from contributors, we would like to know the calendar for the final delivery of UBL 2.1 specifications, as recommendations about signatures are included in the second draft.
> I have not been able to find this information in the website, but consider that it would be very valuable to have it publicly available.
> Thank you for your support,
>     Eduardo Sánchez
> Eduardo Sánchez Blázquez
> Architecture and Standards Manager
> Sub. Gral. Coordinación de la Contratación Electrónica
> Dir. Gral. Patrimonio del Estado.
> Ministerio de Hacienda y Administraciones Públicas
> C/ José Abascal, 4 2ª Planta.Madrid 28003
> Tel: 91 520 29 82
> e-mail: eduardo.sanchezblazquez@minhap.es
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> immediately. Spanish Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, according with
> the illegal access to the content of any external message from the Ministry.

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