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Subject: commenting on UBL 2.1 PRD3 D4

Dear UBL TC,


Thank you for providing the latest UBL 2.1 PRD3 D4 for review and comment.


Our focus is primarily on applying UBL NDR (with some amendments) to NON-UBL business contexts.

For the last 7 years, we have successfully joined up UBL NDR with custom non-UBL data models in a model-driven approach to generate XML schemas that look and feel like UBL, but aren’t UBL.


We are again pleased to see UBL NDR evolving in a backward compatible manner, and will continue to adopt the latest changes and enhancements, such as the UDT schema, instance meta data sets, etc. in our solution.

UBL NDR has tremendous potential for the design of custom XML vocabularies.


Excellent work, well done, and thank you to all contributors,


Juerg Tschumperlin

Data Management Solutions, Wellington New Zealand



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