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Subject: RE: [ubl-comment] VS: Deadline for submission of changes for UBL 2.2 Pre-Award is approaching (May 31st)

Please do not use the comment list for
discussion.  I am recording this in the comment
list so that people reading the comment list
understand that it is a depository of comments
only, not a place for internal discussions.

It is in scope to use the comment list to solicit
feedback from the originator, as they still have
to use the comment list to communicate.

Internal discussions belong on the TC list, where
you can cite the original post to the comment list.

. . . . . . . . Ken

At 2016-05-13 13:56 +0000, Duvekot, Kees wrote:
If you look at this picture that was created as
part of the ApplicationResponse within PEPPOL:


Then the Messagelevel Response is the UBL
ApplicationResponse. In that document you can
tell that you have received the document, that
you could understand it (functional correct) and
that you will â??processâ?? it.
In the Business Level response you can then tell
the result of that processing if there is a
business need to do that (like in a OrderResponse)

Are we sure you are not mixing the MessageLevel
Response errors with the Business Level responses?
If an certificate is not valid .. is that a
Business Level response or a MessageLevel
response in which you tell that you are NOT
going to process the received document?

If I look at that TenderReceipt document (I use
the following URL for easy looking at UBL
) then I see a lot of overlap with the
ApplicationResponse but you can not say you are
not going to do anything with the document.

So I think a proper Business Level Response
document like â??TenderResponseâ?? document
looks more like something you need as a
BusinessLevel Response to the â??Tenderâ??
document. In there you can see that you have
registered the tender (or not and why not) or
what the status is of the tender, updates to it
that are initiated by a receiver of the Tender etc etc ..

So you have a business process much like the
Order(Change) -> OrderResponse process .. and
when the Tender is awarded you send out the
correct documents
(AwardNotification/UnawardedNotification) just
like you send out a DespatchAdvice on an order J

Kees D.

Van: Tim McGrath [mailto:tim.mcgrath@documentengineeringservices.com]
Verzonden: vrijdag 13 mei 2016 9:44
Aan: Ole Ellerbæk Madsen <olema@digst.dk>
CC: ubl-comment@lists.oasis-open.org; Oriol
Bausà Peris <oriol@invinet.org>; Holman Ken <gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com>
Onderwerp: Re: [ubl-comment] VS: Deadline for
submission of changes for UBL 2.2 Pre-Award is approaching (May 31st)

Could we use ApplicationResponse for this?

On 13 May 2016, at 15:08, Ole Ellerbæk Madsen
<<mailto:olema@digst.dk>olema@digst.dk> wrote:

Translated by Google from Norwegian:

We have had a discussion about which messages
should be able to handle information when
something goes wrong in an electronic filing.

is basically a message which is located on the
business layer and can in theory be sent several times and may be used.

My question is about the feedback to UBL 2.2
might include such additions to this trdm?

What we may need is three new fields:
1. Treatment Status (OK, Error, Warning) (S0001 / S0002 / S0003)
2. Field of reason code example describes:
a) The offer came too late (T0001).
b) The offer can not be read (T0002)
c) certificate is not valid (T0003)
d) There is no agreement between the sender's
identity and certificate (T0004)
e) The missing documents (T0005)
f) etc. (T ...).
3. Text field to be read by a human showing error code.

Fra: Mærøe, Jan André
Sendt: 13. maj 2016 08:45
Til: Ole Ellerbæk Madsen
Cc: Cook, Steinar Overbeck;
Emne: SV: Deadline for submission of changes for
UBL 2.2 Pre-Award is approaching (May 31st)

Hei Ole

Vi har hatt en diskusjon om hvilke meldinger som
skal kunne håndtere informasjon når noe går
galt i en elektronisk innlevering.

er i utgangspunktet en melding som ligger på
businesslaget og kan i teorien sendes flere ganger og kan eventuelt benyttes.

Mitt spørsmål er om den tilbakemeldingen til
UBL 2.2 kan inneholde slike tillegg til denne trdm?

Det vi eventuelt trenger er 3 nye felt:
Behandlingsstatus (Ok, Feil, Advarsel) (S0001/S0002/S0003)
Felt for årsakskode som eksempel beskriver:
a)       Tilbudet kom for sent (T0001).
b)       Tilbudet kan ikke leses (T0002)
c)       Sertifikatet er ikke gyldig (T0003)
d)       Det er ikke overensstemmelse mellom
avsenders identitet og sertifikatet (T0004)
e)       Det mangler dokumenter (T0005)
f)        osv. (T?.)
Tekstfelt som skal leses av et menneske som viser feilmeldingskoden.

BII trdm:

Fra: Ole Ellerbæk Madsen [<mailto:olema@digst.dk>mailto:olema@digst.dk]
Sendt: 12. mai 2016 16:40
Til: Mærøe, Jan André
Cook, Steinar Overbeck
Emne: VS: Deadline for submission of changes for
UBL 2.2 Pre-Award is approaching (May 31st)

Hi Steinar and Jan

Do DIFI have input to UBL 2.2 please send it to me as well.

Best Regards

[mailto:ubl-pre-award@lists.oasis-open.org] På vegne af Ole Ellerbæk Madsen
Sendt: 12. maj 2016 11:40
Emne: [ubl-pre-award] Deadline for submission of
changes for UBL 2.2 Pre-Award is approaching (May 31st)


As you might be aware the UBL TC is aiming to
release a new version of UBL every 3 years as
stated in the UBL Maintenance Governance Procedures [1]
As the last release of  the UBL  standard
(version 2.1) was published in late 2013 and the
next release is targeted for late 2016 publication.

Given the timelines that are needed to meet this
targeted publication date, the deadline for
submitting new additions to the UBL standard is set for May 31st2016.
This email is a reminder for this deadline.

If you have any new addition request to UBL
related to Pre-Award then please use the
following procedure for submitting them to the UBL Pre-Award Subcommittee.

Ole Madsen
Chair UBL Pre-Award Procurement Subcommittee


Venlig hilsen/Best Regards
Ole Madsen
T   +45 4090 6064
M  +45 2331 3133
E  <blocked::mailto:olema@digst.dk>olema@digst.dk

Landgreven 4, Postboks 2193
1017 København K
Ministry of Finance
Agency for Digitisation
Landgreven 4, Postboks 2193
DK-1017 Copenhagen K
T   +45 3392 8000

Tim McGrath
Fremantle, Western Australia 6160
Phone: +61438352228
Skype: t.mcgrath

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