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Subject: FreightCreditNote?



FreightInvoice is a special case of the Invoice document, mandatory including a ‘Shipment’ tag to include transportation details.


With CEN-BII and openPeppol BIS profiles moving to profile 5, their recommendation now is to send a CreditNote document for invoices with negative amounts / corrective / cancellation invoices, instead of indicating inside the Invoice document (with the DocumentType tag) whether the Invoice is an invoice or a creditnote.


In that logic, shouldn’t there be a UBL document FreightCreditNote?


Kind regards,


Guido Dilles


Dilcom bvba

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Tel. (015) 527.160

GSM (0477) 33.89.62

BTW BE 0466.179.426 - RPR Antwerpen

E-Mail : guido.dilles@dilcom.be


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