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Subject: RE: [ubl-comment] FreightCreditNote?

Hello Roberto,


Thank you for your comment.

Indeed, in most cases a simple CreditNote should suffice to cancel or correct a FreightInvoice.


However, in some cases a ‘CreditNote’ is the original document, e.g. for commission invoices, where the full shipment data is useful to identify the transport.


I am currently building ‘Invoice’ documents with the ‘Shipment’ tag in the extensions area, because not many UBL solutions are capable of handling a FreightInvoice.

The presence of the Shipment tag does allow a receiver to fairly easily convert the ‘Invoice’ to a ‘FreightInvoice’.

But it is not possible to do the same with a CreditNote that contains the Shipping tag in the extension.


Guido Dilles



From: JAVEST by Roberto Cisternino [mailto:roberto.cisternino@javest.com]
Sent: Sunday, May 15, 2016 11:48 PM
To: ubl-comment@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [ubl-comment] FreightCreditNote?


Hello Guido,
CEN-BII and OpenPEPPOL are not using the FreightInvoice.

The profile 5 "Billing" also has a precise rule for invoices and credit notes:

tbr14-052 - The total amount of the document and due amount cannot be negative.

The Billi profile also uses two UBL documents:
- UBL-Invoice-2.1
- UBL-CreditNote-2.1

It is true there is not a FreightCreditNote however, so question is, if a Carrier needs to send a Credit Note to a Freight Forwarder which is related to a container freigth, does he have all information required ?
The generic CreditNote of UBL should be sufficient usually because it should reference a previous Invoice where all industry details are already provided. So if the previous invoice was an UBL-FreigthInvoice-2.1 all should be fine.  I would say it is important to reference the credited invoice and maybe it is not strictly necessary to provide (repeat) all industry-specific details such as shipment info in the credit note.

it is my opinion however....

Best regards


Il 15/05/2016 23.22, Guido Dilles ha scritto:



FreightInvoice is a special case of the Invoice document, mandatory including a ‘Shipment’ tag to include transportation details.


With CEN-BII and openPeppol BIS profiles moving to profile 5, their recommendation now is to send a CreditNote document for invoices with negative amounts / corrective / cancellation invoices, instead of indicating inside the Invoice document (with the DocumentType tag) whether the Invoice is an invoice or a creditnote.


In that logic, shouldn’t there be a UBL document FreightCreditNote?


Kind regards,


Guido Dilles


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Best regards

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