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Subject: Maybe I have misunderstood it...

but the ApplicationResponse object strikes me as strangely disappointing.


Looking at the flow diagrams, there are references to negative and positive

responses, this is not explicitly represented in the ApplicationResponse or

any of its sub-objects.


There also does not seem to be a standard set of StatusReasonCodes or

ResponseCodes. Surely there are a bunch of specific responses, many of

which are shown in the flow diagrams, which could, or rather should be

defined for interoperability. There might be supplimentary information

which is implementation specific and might be used by humans to solve

a problem, but the basic logic flow states should be defined in the



There is a DocumentStatusCode, but that is only used for transport

related activities.


Given that I am new to this lot, it might be that I have simply not found

the code lists, but there is actually no reference to either StatusReasonCode

or ResponseCode in the:-


Universal Business Language Version 2.2

Committee Specification Draft 01 /

Public Review Draft 01

21 December 2016


and no genericode definition for either that I can find, and no codes

listed on the flow diagrams.


(Confused of Broadwell)

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