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Subject: Wednesdays call

This started out a email to Mark to let him know I would be late to
Wednesday's call, but became longer, so I am sending the CSC list also.

A few points I want to bring up, some of this may be brought up tomorrow on
the LCSC/NDR joint call.  Which is probably a good place for it to be.

In working with Chee-Kai and the TTSC to implement the NDR rules into the
scripts to generate the schema, they are having difficulty in understanding
the way some of the rules need to be implemented.  The complete information
is not there.  I have forwarded to Chee-Kai the older version of the NDR
document itself, hoping that the non-normative text will help.   Gunther
already had this document to work from, plus he has been a part of NDR since
the beginning.  But, it goes deeper than that.

They are pushing back to get more information about how to implement
containers, I am not sure if he (Chee-Kai) is not understanding, or if its a
real implementation problem, or what.  I worked with Arofan on Friday to put
together better information for him, but what Arofan considers easy to
understand, and what I think Chee-Kai is looking from, are two different
views.  And they are still at odds.

Chee-Kai has said, and the LCSC is agreeing, without more detailed
information about the more complex rules, they are going to have to push
back to have rules removed for Version 1.0, unless they can be implemented.
I am torn both directions, how can we have rules we cannot implement
ourselves?  This is our testing ground.

Another point we need to keep in mind is that some rules can be interpreted
in many ways, and they may not actually intrepret the rule the way we meant
it without more guidance.  An example of this may be the way they do the
documentation (xsd:documentation) using XHTML - we need to spell out how we
want it used.  We can not assume they are going to go searching through old
archives of emails and old position papers, to find the guidence they need.
We need to give it to them.

Both Gunther and Chee-Kai are going to simeltaeously continue the
development on their own individual scripts, trying not to use each other
for guidance.  This will give us two different implementations to draw
experience from and to prove the rules.

On today's TTSC call, we agreed that the rules marked "ACCEPTED" would be
implemented without problem.  The others are still un-stable and will have
to be looked at on a case by case basis.

In closing, I guess I would like to bring this issue to the front of our
minds, without causing hardship for our UBL members who are working so hard
to bring UBL into reality.  Thanks.


Lisa Seaburg
AEON Consulting
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                       -Katharine Hepburn

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