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Subject: The announcement of RELAX NG Schema library for UBL 1.0 Beta

Hello ubl-dev,

Universal Business Language (UBL) is a standard library of XML
business documents and reusable components for building XML business
documents developed by the OASIS UBL TC. At The current version (1.0
beta), UBL's schemas are described with W3C XML Schema (XSD). But it
is important that the UBL schema design is independent of specific
Schema language in order to maximize the tools available to
developers. We are developing the UBL schema library using RELAX NG. 
The RELAX NG schema library are generated from XSD schemas and
spreadsheets in UBL 1.0 beta package using Java, Perl, and XSLT.

When we design RELAX NG schemas, we consider the next things.

1. The interoperability at XML instances level: An instance document
which validates against UBL XSD schemas must be validate against UBL
RELAX NG schemas. And an instance document which fails to validate
against UBL XSD schemas must fail to validate against UBL RELAX NG

2. The Structure of XML Schemas: XSD schemas and RELAX NG schemas has
same file structures and a set of globally-referened components. 

We also examine schema language dependencies at UBL schema design from
the next point of view. 

1. The interoperability at XML instance level. 
2. The interoperability at XML application level. 
3. The easy translation to another schema language. 
4. The reusability of schema. 

We release RELAX NG schema library for UBL 1.0 beta for public

(180k bytes) 

We hope your questions and comments for any kind. 

Hiroshi Naito, Osaka Institute of Technology <http://www.oit.ac.jp/>

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