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Subject: Re: Validating UBL examples with xmllint

At 2004-05-20 12:01 +0100, Pedro Alves wrote:
>     I was trying to validate the examples in the documentation with
>xmllint, part of libxml.
>     Isn't this supposed to work?


>I get tons of errors in the output

Not sure why ... here is what I get using Sun's Multi-Schema Validator:

W:\>java -jar p:\xml\xml\sun-msv\msvcurr\msv.jar 
start parsing a grammar.
validating u:\cd-UBL-1.0\xml\office\UBL-Order-1.0-Office-Example.xml
the document is valid.


Seems okay to me ... my guess is xmllint has some problems, though I've 
never had experience using it.

I hope this helps as it shows there are no problems validating the given 
example with the given schema.

..................... Ken

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