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Subject: Re: Announce: Beginnings of a new XSL stylesheet library for UBL 1.0 documents

On Fri, May 21, 2004 at 06:26:17AM +0300, G. Ken Holman wrote:
> At 2004-05-20 20:04 -0400, david.lyon@tradalogs.com wrote:
> >I've had a look at your resources and they seem to look quite good.
> Thank you ... I'm hoping to complete them soon and am looking for feedback.

    As soon as I can, I will give you some :) This will be excelent for a
product we are developing. I chose ubl as the "core" structure and this
xsl's will come in hand for displaying documents. May I use them? :)

> Back to your "how to fit them in to some existing system?" question: I'm 
> not sure ... are existing systems modular enough to accommodate XSLT 
> engines and XSL-FO engines in order to exploit my freely-available 
> stylesheets?  I don't know.
> Perhaps we can start a thread here on UBL-Dev regarding existing systems 
> and their support of print and display.  I'm guessing that existing systems 
> probably use proprietary technologies for rendering rather than "plug and 
> play" XSL stylesheets.

    My "fit them in to some existing systems" is XSL stylesheets ! IMHO,
this is the correct way to go!


Pedro Miguel G. Alves       pedro.alves@compta.pt
COMPTA - Parceria e Tecnologia      www.compta.pt
Tel:   +351 21 413 46 00  Av. José Gomes Ferreira
Fax:   +351 21 413 46 09     nº 13 1495-139 ALGÉS

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