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Subject: Re: Stupid question?


You are probably wanting the LegalTotal/TaxInclusiveTotalAmount.

Just to explain what the three totals in LegalTotal mean:

As far as I know, there are various ways that discount can be
or should be added to an invoice. Firstly there is settlement
discount which depends on criteria being met. Here it is not
known at the time tax was allocated to the total whether or not
the discount will in fact be taken. So, at least as far as I know
regarding my own country's VAT tax laws, such discount is not
included in the calculation of tax and is taken, if settlement terms are
met (e.g. if paid in a specified time), without affecting the tax total
of the invoice.

Then, secondly, there is discount such as trade discount which IS
certain at the time tax was calculated. This, depending on the type
of discount and the country's tax laws, may affect the tax total and
if so is usually deducted before the calculation of tax. If so, the
total before discount and the total after discount but before tax are
called different names. The total before discount is in UBL called
the LineExtensionTotalAmount and that after discount is called
the TaxExclusiveTotalAmount. The first is defined as "the total of
line item extension Amount for the entire invoice, not adjusted by
any payment settlement discount or taxation except adjustments
which should be made before tax calculation" and the second as
"the total that is to be paid for this invoice, excluding all taxes,
after adjustments which should be made before tax calculation."
In short, the first is usually, simply the total before discount
and the second is the total after discount (and the total on which tax
is calculated usually). (One thing that may complicate it is if discount
isn't, for some reason, to be included in the tax calculation.)

Then the tax is calculated (on the basis of
a 'TaxableTotal' or a set of line taxable totals) and then added
creating the total after tax which in UBL is called
'TaxInclusiveTotalAmount'. This is what you were asking for.

The same sort of thing applies at line level too but here there
is just the LineExtensionAmount to worry about and the
TaxableTotal. If discount is taken at line level it is just added
up and deducted at documant level so there is not a line
level TaxExclusiveTotalAmount and TaxInclusiveTotalAmount
in UBL 1.0    Maybe they will be added in future but there
has been no indication of any requirement that I know of.

All the best

Stephen Green

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From: "Pedro Alves" <pmalves@think.pt>
To: <ubl-dev@lists.oasis-open.org>
Sent: Friday, May 21, 2004 7:32 PM
Subject: Stupid question?

>     This even sounds silly to me...
>     In an invoice, where do I put the final value? including taxes,
> discounts... all. The amount the buyers has to pay.
>     LegalTotal does not handle discounts...
>     Thanks
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