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Subject: Re: offered goods in InvoiceLine


> One question about invoicelines. Where is the correct place to put the
> amount of offered or bonus items?

Well you'd have to translate that into a monetary 
allowance e.g. five boxes for the price of four
would be the same as an allowance with a 
MultiplierFactorNumeric of 0.8. If it isn't possible to
use a multiplication factor then just a staightforward
allowance amount might be needed.

It is clear that UBL cannot cover every requirement
possibility for such trading documents (without customization)
so sometimes compromises with business requirements would be
necessary. e.g. I find I cannot specify that one party is being
addressed care of another party, even though efforts were made to
try to cater for this with MarkCareIndicator. I will just have
to find a way round it e.g. either not specify such things or
add care of or 'c/o' and the other party name somewhere.

> And is there any agreed discount? eg, the parties 
agree in 10% discount,
> not associated with any SettlementDiscount

That's a question for which there is a clear answer.
You want AllowanceCharge on an invoice line with a
ReasonCode with value '1' (values and definitions are
found in 
which means 'agreed settlement' - no ambiguity there.

You'd need to set the ChargeIndicator to false too to
show that this is an allowance and not a charge.

The choice of the codelist, UN/ECE 4465, fits best with 
allowances and charges made after the delivery but they 
seem to be appropriate for invoices sent with the delivery 
(perhaps in place of a despatch advice) too.

Very glad you're asking these questions.

All the best


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