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Subject: Re: Payment Discount (not a stupid question)

On Mon, May 24, 2004 at 08:12:06PM -0400, david.lyon@tradalogs.com wrote:
> Pedro,
> I think you'll find that UBL is missing a dedicated field to hold the settlement
> discount. But whether or not it should have one is a different question.
> Generally speaking, the settlement discount is applied after receiving the
> message, and it's up to the recipient to actually claim it. Otherwise they pay
> the full invoice price. 
> There is an element "Invoice. Note. Text". One could argue that in the absence
> of a dedicated payment discount element, this would be the spot to put a
> payment discount message such "A settlement discount of 5% applies to Payments
> within 7 days".

    This is usually not the case in portugal. I am more used to "if you buy
from us you get 10% discount". It would be useful to record the discount
unit price and the total unit price.

    I can solve this by forgetting the total price and take only the
discount price, may I may be facing situations where this is required


Pedro Miguel G. Alves       pedro.alves@compta.pt
COMPTA - Parceria e Tecnologia      www.compta.pt
Tel:   +351 21 413 46 00  Av. José Gomes Ferreira
Fax:   +351 21 413 46 09     nº 13 1495-139 ALGÉS

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