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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Call for participation: UBL 1.1


I just posted my PPT from XML 2004 - on the new ebXML for SOA -


Here's the summary from the introductory slide.

To paraphrase Churchill - reports of my demise have been greatly 

Enjoy, DW
The New ebXML for SOA

Globally ebXML technology has entered the mainstream with
the Chinese government alone deploying 11,000 ebMS servers,
and Europe and Asia committing to ebXML projects.

Here in the US the healthcare community is moving to adopt
ebXML with various initial projects underway and the US DOD
EMall system is also using ebXML.  A selection of major industries
including electrical utility, automotive and aerospace are in early
stage adoption.

To support all this ebXML is evolving rapidly and providing industry
leading concepts and capabilities.  The new ebXML BPSS V2 from
OASIS marks a watershed in this respect with context mechanisms,
state mechanisms, support for using web services with ebXML,
content transformation services and enhanced deterministic
multiparty scenario modelling with forks and joins.  Similarly
ebXML Registry V3 is now providing Semantic Web capabilities,
and Federated Registry services.

Put together the ebXML components now provide a richer and
more complete foundation than ever before for robust and reliable
electronic business.  This provides a service orientated architecture
foundation that is globally deployable using open standards.

This presentation will bring all this together and provide a
comprehensive roadmap of the latest technology capabilities
available through using ebXML today.

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