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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Hungarian experiences in connection with UBL-based eInvoices

Hello Aron,

We've been getting a lot of input regarding taxation requirements
from various European users and expect to get additional input
from the OASIS Tax XML TC.  We will be processing these
requirements in the UBL content team starting right after the UBL
TC meeting in Hangzhou next week; you can follow the discussion by
reading the minutes of the weekly "Pacific UBL TC meeting" on the
ubl mail list:



   From: =?iso-8859-2?B?U3phYvMgwXJvbg==?= <aron@ik.bme.hu>
   Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 14:59:49 +0200

   Dear Members,

   first of all, thanks for your kind answers in connection with my previous
   mail (with the subject "Anytype in UBL?"). The examination of Hungarian and
   EU legal requirements for issuing eInvoices is going on and new questions,
   problems has occured.

   We have read through 77/388/EEC, 2001/115/EC, 85/204/EEC directives and also
   specific Hungarian articles from Excise tax Act, Act of VAT, Companies Act,
   Personal income Act, and Accounting Act (is there any other relating
   document in the legal regulation of European Union?).

   Suggestions, problems:
   1. cac:Contact should contain a PartyType element (in some cases the contact
   person or the issuer of the invoice - e.g. a trusted third party - can be
   different from the seller party and could have e.g. another Address that
   should be also present in the invoice)
   2. cac:OrderReference could contain a PartyType element instead/besides of
   BuyersID and SellersID
   3. cac:Delivery should also contain a PartyType element (in some cases the
   BuyerParty and the person whose address must be given at the Delivery can be
   different, therefore the Address should be also present in the invoice at
   Delivery element)
   4. gross and net prices should be present in the invoices, but I haven't
   find yet where to put gross prices in InvoiceLine or in TaxSubTotal
   (TaxableAmount + TaxAmount should be present in one element)
   5. data of new means of transport must be present in invoices (as it is
   written in 2001/115/EC)

   Anyway, there can be other national specific regulations, therefore I
   suggest again to include one "Note" element (with unbounded occurance) into
   each element/type to keep interoperability and flexibility.

   Thanks for answers, responses in advance!

   Best regards,
   Aron Szabo

   Aron Szabo, M. Sc.
   Research Associate,
   Center of Information Technology
   Budapest University of Technology and Economics 

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