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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Re: [ubl] Re: [ubl-dev] Treasury Tag Pattern: to 'glue' two instances having different schemas

Steve, Duane, et al.

I've long said this was a business need when processing XML - to be able to
pass thru chunks of XML content to downstream partners, based on business
process interactions.

Classic is distributor passing on order detail to supplier.

Because XSD is document (eg forms, letters, et al) world centric - it never
grok'd this as a requirement.  <import> is about all the best you can do.

But - as I noted before the CAM template approach makes this trivial,
because it allows you to have context aware structure assembly and

If you want to do this easily and simply - just use CAM.

Here's a simple example for varients on <DeliveryAddress> layout depending
on country context - but you can easily adapt this technique at a higher
structural level to pull together multi-parts of UBL, depending on what your
requirements are.   For BT they are doing that to reference different XML
structures coming out of switch devices based on who the partner switch is -
each of course has its own flavours of tags - even if essentially the
content itself is equivalent.  Mitigating the XML tag "flex" and alignment
is thus easy.

This is really WYSIWYG XML - just using the original XSD as a structure
guideline to the possible parts you will allow to appear in the CAM
template, and then grouping under a parent tag - in this case
<DeliveryAddress>; but you could have <CustomerDetail>, <OrderDetail>, etc,
as needed.




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