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Subject: Joint eInvoice with CEN/ISSS?

Dear Members,

another half year has been passed, and I would make inquires again about the
present situation. I've seen that OASIS have been participated in the work
of CEN/ISSS e-IFG, and the model - made by CEN/ISSS - is very similar to the
structure of UBL invoice message. CEN/ISSS also wanted to continue this work
- if I know well - and make XML schemas (this was dated to the end of 2005).

Will CEN/ISSS XML schema differ from UBL XML schema or CEN/ISSS would adopt
the existing UBL schema?

Some applications in Hungary uses UBL to issue electronic invoices but
government needs a confirmation about that EU (CEN/ISSS e-IFG) accepts this
format. Our goal is to implement the Danish model (using UBL messages) but
we need this confirmation from CEN/ISSS.

Best regards,

Aron Szabo, M. Sc.
Research Associate,
Center of Information Technology
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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