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Subject: Duplicate Definition of Documentation Parameters

I am trying to load and validate the .xsd files for UBL 1.0 - however, I get
numerous duplicate definition (global element already defined and complex
type already defined) when I attempt to validate the UBL schemas in Visual
Studio.  The errors are linking back to CoreComponentsParameters.  I made
sure that I have the "Definition" component minOccurs=0.  But, I still get
the errors.
I noticed in the UBL 1.0 schemas, the ccts documentation parameters are used
in numerous places -but in the UBL 2.0 schemas (xsdrt.zip) that were
circulated, the ccts tags are no longer there.  Was that to avoid the error?
Any help would be appreciated - I am trying to implement UBL-design guidance
on our agency schemas and I get the same set of duplicate definition errors
and can't load our schemas directly in webMethods without commenting out the
import statements.
Thank you,
Kathleen C. Morgan

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