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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Simple ODF/XForms (OOo2/SO8) for UBL 1.0 Invoice

Please note that if you open these forms
from the web archive they will need the
filename extensions changing to .odt
Also, if you have unix/linux you'll need to
change the target filepath/url for the submission
and the same change for the linked file of the
readonly form. At present both point to
file:///c:/invoice.xml so they could be changed
to something like file:///home/invoice.xml (not
quite sure if this is correct).
It should be possible to create a simple UBL 1.0
Invoice with one form (saved locally) then use
the other form to read it (from where it is saved)
and convert it to pdf (OpenOffice 2 and Star
Office 8 have this facility). Then either or both
as appropriate could be sent say by email (for
micro/small businesses this might be OK - please
don't blame me if it isn't) as attachments and/or
imported somehow into a finance system or
spreadsheet (perhaps with an office product
macro, say). Note that the first form, if used to
directly create a pdf, will in OOo2/SO8, produce
a form that can be edited before printing and this
would be unacceptably risky for sending as an
Invoice. Again, please accept that the use of the
forms is at users own risk.
All the best
Stephen Green
PS Really loved Juha's UBL greeting customisation!
Peace and Goodwill to all -
And y'all Love the Almighty back with all you've got!
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 7:07 PM
Subject: [ubl-dev] Simple ODF/XForms (OOo2/SO8) for UBL 1.0 Invoice

Just in time for the holidays I've produced
(for 'Open Source Academy' but anyone can
use them if you do so at your own risk) a
couple of forms, one for input, the other for
reading and exporting to PDF, to produce
crude but possible useful UBL 1.0 invoices.
They would probably suit a micro business
and illustrate the ODF/XForms combination
used in OpenOffice 2 and StarOffice 8.
Please forgive the ultra-simplicity (there are
just 10 lines and I couldn't yet find a way to
not output lines when they are void of data).
I'd welcome feedback so I can improve these
(again as part of some open source work).
I hope the archive can accept the attachments,
sorry if this doesn't work - please ignore this
email then and I'll try another way later.
All the best and happy holidays.
Stephen Green

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