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Subject: Simple ODF/XForms (OOo2/SO8) for UBL 1.0 Invoice

Just in time for the holidays I've produced
(for 'Open Source Academy' but anyone can
use them if you do so at your own risk) a
couple of forms, one for input, the other for
reading and exporting to PDF, to produce
crude but possible useful UBL 1.0 invoices.
They would probably suit a micro business
and illustrate the ODF/XForms combination
used in OpenOffice 2 and StarOffice 8.
Please forgive the ultra-simplicity (there are
just 10 lines and I couldn't yet find a way to
not output lines when they are void of data).
I'd welcome feedback so I can improve these
(again as part of some open source work).
I hope the archive can accept the attachments,
sorry if this doesn't work - please ignore this
email then and I'll try another way later.
All the best and happy holidays.
Stephen Green



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