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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Question regarding document copy and attachment in UBL

I would consider using the extension element for this if the attachments
are XML. Although the expected use of this is as a way to extend the XML
as a customisation, it was always a use case from the start that it could be
used to add data such as accounting/costing information to an invoice, say.

I'm not sure the Attached Document is appropriate for adding data to an
document but I might be wrong. I'll let someone else comment on how best to
use it.

The idea is to send an invoice with an embebed word or excel document with
some information about the invoice being sent. That information must be sent
as word document, excel, pdf or tif, so it can be persisted in FileNet, or
some other system.

Attached Document seems to solve this problem as I can, apparently, pass
anything into it. Another advantage is that it is part of UBL and not a
custom extention.

However, as I said I'm not an UBL expert, at all. More of a newbie. If
someone has an example of an embebed document with UBL I'd greatly
appreciate if I could take a look at it and how it was done.

As for the other point (copy indicator) I don't have anything else to add.
It's pretty much as you explained and we're going that route.

Best regards,
Diogo Almeida

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