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Subject: FW: NDR ODP5


-----Original Message-----
From: Crawford, Mark 
Sent: Sunday, August 10, 2008 11:19 PM
To: 'UNCEFACT-ATG@LISTS.UNECE.ORG'; 'cefact-icg@list.unicc.org';
'cefact-tbg@list.unicc.org'; 'cefact-tmg@list.unicc.org';
Subject: NDR ODP5

Dear all,

ATG is pleased to announce that the NDR v3p0 is now at ODP5 - public
review. This version incorporates CCTS 3.0 and sets the stage for the
forthcoming UCM. It has been developed in partnership with
repreesentatives from a number of standards development organizations
who have committed to its adoption.

The public review period will run from now until 20 September 2008.
Comments in the form of:
 line number, current text, proposed text, reason for change, submitter
should be sent to michael.rowell@oracle.com and mark.crawford@sap.com.
Perfered file format is excel, but any format is accepted.

The document can be downloaded from:

The secretariat is asked to post this information on the UN/CEFACT

Kind Regards,

Mark Crawford
Standards Architect
GEPG Standards Management and Strategy
SAP Labs 
Mobile: (703) 485-5232

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