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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Two comments on Customization Guide Draft custguide092.pdf

Hi Jon,

Thank you for your explanation.  I do understand what you've explained, 
and am just quickly jotting down my thoughts before they evaporated.  
Also, if TC accepts views from anyone on ubl-dev, it'd not be orderly as 
TC members have special responsibilities and involvement.   So please be 
rest assured that I'm just airing views for general  discussion, and 
hopefully gearing up public/users on this list in preparation for the 
upcoming official public review.

Of course, I can't stop trying to ask for consideration, though knowing 
the limits of ubl-dev in influencing TC through this list.

Chin Chee-Kai

Jon Bosak wrote:
> Hello Chee-Kai,
> Good to hear from you!
> These are great comments, but it's not time yet to get feedback
> from people who aren't on the TC.  In about a week, OASIS will be
> putting the draft out for a 60-day public review, and at that
> point, we'll be actively soliciting feedback through the UBL TC
> comments form at
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/comments/index.php?wg_abbrev=ubl
> So please hold these comments for the moment and then submit them
> through the form above as soon as you see the public review
> announcement.
> It probably seems strange that we have to officially ignore good
> nonmember input just because it comes in the wrong way.  It's all
> about IPR policy.  We can't officially take cognizance of any
> nonmember input that doesn't come in through the comment form.
> This is the reverse of the usual problem, which is people using
> the comment form to ask questions that should go to ubl-dev.
> Note that there's nothing to prevent other subscribers to ubl-dev
> from discussing the points you raise on ubl-dev.  We just can't
> use any of it.
> Jon

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