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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Invoice legally responsible person placeholder

I would have thought the proper place for such things as 1. would be
in terms between parties. If they have to be part of the individual
invoice then maybe PaymentTerms could include 1. Is 2. of any
interest to the receiver to be including it in the invoice itself? I
would have thought it inappropriate to include personal data not
pertinent to the receiver in the invoice (data protection, etc). Even
though the person is an employee they still have rights to protection
from unauthorised people viewing data that includes their personal
name, IIRC. Normally this data would be kept internal in the system 
preparing the invoice with an audit trail back to that person which
can only be traced by authorised people under the control of the
organisation in charge of the data. The same applies to 1. if the
inclusion of such data in an invoice is unnecessary (at least that
would be my non-professional interpretation of the data protection
requirements in the UK) - best not put it in there (might actually be
illegal in some countries). If the personal details have to go in the
invoice and it is legal and OK to do so then there is always 'Note'.
These details are probably beyond the use cases for UBL 2.0 invoice.
Take for instance the fact that the invoice only includes a buyer's
accounting code: That indicates the seller's accounting code seems
to be out of scope. Otherwise the seller's accounting code would
possibly have an owner who is therefore the owner of the invoice.
The only reason the buyer's accounting code it there is to allow a
code to be sent in an order and returned in the invoice to allow
the buyer to know who to route the invoice to or who/what code
to charge it to. Even that is debatable since it means the seller 
knowing details private to the buyer (though just a code perhaps).

You could use AdditionalAccountID if it can be associated to both
1. and 2. and then the receiving party can quote this reference
and the sender would be in control of knowing who is associated 
with it. 

That's SellerParty/AdditionalAccountID. 

** I notice the definition is still wrong for it in UBL 2.0 update **
(I think) It just repeats the definition for the preceding
CustomerAssignedAccountID. I think this is an error which needs
correcting in UBL 21.

Otherwise use 'Note' or if you need structure for the data, create
an extension. It seems to be fair to say it is deliberately out of
for UBL 2.0.

That's just my opinion in case no-one else responds to this.

Best regards

Stephen D Green

>>> Darko Gulija <Darko.Gulija@infodom.hr> 24/09/09 15:46 >>>
Hi, all


I'm looking for  placeholders to put references to persons involved in
creating an invoice.


1.       Person legally responsible for issuing the invoice

-          Is the
"Invoice/cac:AccountingSupplierParty/cac:Party/cac:Person" right place
for that? 

o   How to indicate the role of that person ("legally responsible
person" - he/she is the one that might have legal consequences if the
invoice is forged or there is something wrong with it) - cac:Person has
only JobTitle and OrganizationDepartment properties?

-          Is the Invoice/cac:Signature valid option? What if actual
(digitally) signing the invoice is delegated to another person or
invoice is not digitally signed ?

-          Any other ideas?


2.       Person (usually clerk) who created / prepared the invoice ?

-          Since it's liability is only internal, perhaps it could be
put in one of the contact properties ( e.g.
Invoice/cac:AccountingSupplierParty/cac:AccountingContact) ?

-          Is there a better place ?

-          How to indicate his role (i.e  "creator") ?


Thank you all for your time and effort.


Best regards, 



Darko Gulija
Konzultant za upravljanje znanjem


Knowledge Management Consultant


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10000 Zagreb
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