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Subject: cva2xsl script

Thanks Ken,
thanks Juerg,
for your replies.

So CVA belongs to CodeList TC, further question will be send to that mailing

I agree with you that the actual configuration (both TCs and Ken's script)
works stable and meets all the expectations.
I didn't saw the big picture. That how it happens in the open-source world:
if Ken's script won't do it anymore, there will be "someone else's" script
who does.  And this "someone" will appear, because the UBL-/GC-standard has
reached "that" importance level. 

Between the lines, small companies who don't have the skilled programmers to
write their own script, will be able to access some a free available one.

I couldn't find any specifications in the UBL/CVA documentation that points
to Crane's script. It just says" public available". Like I said in the other
mail, it would be helpful to find this "public available" scripts without a
big search action. 

Again, lots of thanks for your replies.
Wish you all out there  a good day,

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