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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] FW: UBL Order Header Analysis

Title: FW: UBL Order Header Analysis

Tim, Marion, and all UBL LCSC,

Joe Chiusano (OASIS Reg/Rep Core Components Sub Team Chair) has been working with Marion and I on the UBL LCSC work for Marion's team. The results of that effort are provided for today's call. Although not a member of the LCSC, I would like Joe to be on the call today to cover this work. 

Mark Crawford
Research Fellow - LMI XML Lead
Logistics Management Institute
2000 Corporate Ridge, McLean, VA 22102-7805
(703) 917-7177   Fax (703) 917-7518
Wireless (703) 655-4810
"Opportunity is what you make of it"

Here are some notes - please see attached:

1. I did not include any "xxxOther" elements, as per UBL guidance

2. For elements called "xxxCoded", I changed the name to "xxxCode" - ex: PurposeCoded ---> PurposeCode

3. For code elements, I wrote "Enumerated Codelist" in "Contains" column - as per Order Summary

4. Four components are attributes (LanguageDependent, AddressTypeCode, SeqNo, and SignificanceCode).  As per the UBL FAQ link, I prefaced their names with "Attribute:"



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