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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] Auto-Generated UML Model

I applied Dave Carlson's hyperModel application this morning, to the public review UBL 0.65 schemas posted yesterday to the ubl-comment list.
In order to get the tool to accept the model I had to comment out UBL000423  Order. Response. Identifier -- since the XSD element definition for it (named "ResponseID") clashed with that of UBL000422.  They both have the same dictionary entry name, and occur side-by-side in the definition of the Order type.
Find attached a Zip archive with the tweaked schema, and six UML diagrams (in SVG format).  This time, in addition to the fairly simplistic diagrams rooted on LineItem, Party, etc., I've also included a "full" diagram.  That one shows the whole shebang.
Mad props to Dave Carlson for delivering such a handy, powerful tool!
See my post from August 9 for instructions on getting the SVG plug-in and using it.


Bill Burcham
Sr. Software Architect, Standards and Applied Technology
Sterling Commerce, Inc.


Attachment: BB-Tweaked-UBL-0p65-UML-Diagrams.zip
Description: Binary data

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