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Subject: [ubl-lcsc] [Analysis Team] Revised Model diagram

> Hi Sue, Mike and Tim,
> we have some questions concerning the normilised model (v11-04 and spreadsheet vOp70 draft 0.04).
> I) There are several many-to-many relations between:
> 1) Party and Language
> 2) Location and Address
> 3) Tax and Item
> 4) Shipment and OrderItem
> 5) Tax and AllowanceCharge
> In our opinion there is also a many-to-many relation (but not in the Model) between:
	6) Party and Address

> To dissolve these many-to-many relations we therefore suggest new ABIEs:
> 1) PartyLanguage
> 2) LocationAddress
> 3) Item/ProductTax
> 4) ShipmentItem
> 5) Allowance/ChargeTax
	6) PartyAddress

> Shipment and Allowance/Charge have in the normalised model a many-to-many relation but not in the spreadsheet 
	(ASBIE Shipment in Allowance/Charge (line38)). Is the model or the spreadsheet here correct?
	If a new ABIE Item/ProductTax exists, then there could be an association between Item/ProductTax and Allowance/Charge.

	What about a many-to-many relation between TransportHandlingUnit and DespatchAdvice?

> II) Also we have seen some differences between the normalised model an the spreadsheet.
> 1) ASBIE between FinancialAccount and PaymentMeans, there are two ASBIEs in PaymentMeans and in the normalised model
	but only one ASBIE (after the last change) in FinancialAccount.
> 2) ASBIE DeliveryRequirement in Shipment (line 407), should be DeliverySchedule
> 3) ASBIE DeliveryAdvice in Shipment (line 414), only Despatch instead of Delivery
	4) Package and OrderItem have the old qualifier (contains and substitute)

kind regards
Michael, Dagmar, Axel

Axel Kühl

CRM Component Integration

Neurottstr. 16
69190 Walldorf
T   +49-6227-7-48516
F   +49-6227-78-39060
E   axel.kuehl@sap.com

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